Alex’s obessesions

Since our KL trip, Alex has gotten into Thomas the train. He has to bring some Thomas toys with him wherever he goes (like even to the bathroom) and plays with the train the moment he wakes up.

It is highly possible confirmed that my hb is the culprit for encouraging Alex, coz he loves train sets since young. I shook my head when I see him pouring his brain out about the train sets or extra tracks to buy for Alex (or it’s really for himself, if you ask me) … For me, the cheaper the better it is. Ha. Did I mention we have 3 train sets now?

Alex could recognise a few characters and his favourite, no surprise here, Thomas. The moment he laid eye on any Thomas merchandise, it was quite impossible to tear him away. It never failed to amaze us how he could pick out Thomas stuff when we couldn’t see it ourselves.

Recently he’s into Elmo after I introduced the series to him. Whole day he will repeat, “Elmo” and “Hurry up”. His lingo for train. Hmmm I am not too sure what to make of this, but I guess every child will like some character at one point of their life.

The train tracks as of today. The yellow pillars elevates the tracks!


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