Alex visits the hospital

We trotted down to KKH this afternoon for Alex’s cardiac checkup. When he went for a booster jab in mid Dec, the doctor picked up his heart murmur. Heart murmur was not something new to us. One of the PD he had seen before 1yo had picked it up as well, and some simple ECG and oxygen level tests were done. The results were fine. This just made me wonder why other doctors inbetween failed to pick this up? Hmm. Even though my logic tells me that Alex should be fine but this made me lost some sleep.

I expected a long wait at the cardiac center and prepared many things to keep Alex occupied. Puzzle, books, his favourite Thomas trains and snacks. True enough and the distractions weren’t enough and we had to go to the playground and up/down the escalator a few times!

The cardiac specialist heard his heart and told us that it is most likely harmless and we proceeded to take a heart echo test. Alex was an angel during the test and he didn’t squirm much as we had expected. Then again, he must be looking at the TV. My heart stopped a moment when the technician specifically finger-pointed something out to the specialist… The specialist then smiled to us that Alex has innocent heart murmur and discharged us. PTL. Prolly something he will grow out of it soon. My heart is at rest. 😉

Another happy bit for me is that since mid Dec Alex has grown 1cm and he has passed the 10kg mark! Woohoo! I accounted this to the new ZZZ habit. =)

(I didn’t take a pic of Alex at the hospital coz it’s a bit morbid for me!)


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