Hello to ZZZ and ME time!

I am so glad to be writing this post at 8:24pm ON my PC! This is a great deal to me coz I was never free at this timing. Usually it is preparing Alex to sleep, then lying down with him to accompany him to sleep. What he usually does was to roll all over our king size bed, rocks himself on our bolsters (to play), flip-flops alloverdeplace which includes on me who’s trying to blend into the furniture and of coz giving me kicks to invoke response from me. It took more than one hour before he finally drifted off to sleep and only after he received a scolding from me. His sleep pattern was a tiring, draining and unhealthy one for all of us!

In the past, I had tried different sleep methods on Alex, which of course didn’t work for us.

  • Gina Ford’s routine- It was hard for us to stick to a routine and there were days where either Alex or me was out of sorts to deal with a strict routine
  • Tracy Hogg’s EASY method/Dr Sear’s attachment parenting style, i.e. co-sleeping- Sleeping with us actually cuts back on our personal time and quality sleep for everyone!
  • Richard Ferber’s method- Alex just cried even harder when we returned to the room and he was anticipating our return

Alex’s old sleep pattern:

  • TBF till 19m, and woke up 2-4X a night. Slept through only after I refused to give him bm at night.
  • Goes to bed around 9pm
  • Wakes up 7am
  • Naps average 3h in the afternoon
  • Average hours of sleep: 11-12h

When push comes to shove, there must be a change! And what a good change this is. I followed Dr Marc Weissbluth’s extinction method 4 nites ago and by last night he has adjusted to his new sleep pattern! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! =D

Alex’s new sleep pattern:

  • Goes to bed at 8pm
  • Wakes up 8am
  • Naps 2h in the afternoon
  • Average hours of sleep: 13-14h which is excellent for a 21m boy!!!!

His new sleep pattern is wonderful. Basically with a well rested baby who’s on a sleep schedule, we all are better equipped emotionally and mentally for every new day. The physical tiredness part is always there, but there’s another grouse for another day’s post, or maybe not. =)


3 responses to “Hello to ZZZ and ME time!

  1. Pls impart the manual to me!!!

    Miss noisy only sleeps at 12 every nite

  2. Pls impart the manual to me….

    Miss Noisy refuse to sleep….

    • kelly,

      the extinction method basically is a cry it out method with a routine. the routine comprises of bath, milk, story reading, prayers, n hugs/kisses. we told him good night n then closed the door.

      i switched off the lights, dimmed whatever lights i can find, e.g. on fan n alarm clock and pulled down the shades.

      he still sleeps in the same room as us and always wants to sleep on our bed but after hugs/kisses and good night, we put him in the cot, left the room and closed the door. then we timed how long he cried n checked on him 20mins after he stopped crying. always he would be asleep by then.

      1st night: 20min
      2nd night: 5min
      3rd night: 2m
      4th night: 1/2m
      5th night: 20s
      6th night: failed coz mil bb-sit him. she petted him to sleep but he fell asleep within 10m
      7th night which is last night: 10s

      to make this work, u hv to set a fixed timing for her bed time. sleep begets sleep and now alex is sleepy by certain fixed timing.

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