Power struggle

It’s the onset of the terrible two. Alex has been showing his defiance or rather asserting his independence more and more these days.

Food- he refused to eat bland baby food these days. He has to has our food and even takes to spicy food n curry. Looks like my boy has gotten my taste. I tried various recipes n even resorted to make him special food like fish pie (shepherd pie but with fish) or mashed potato (with expensive hokkaido potato) n he just wont take more than a few mouths. Lucky for me he still likes his cous cous or quinoa porridge with organic miso and also my concotion of claypot rice.

Recently he has learnt to bite lesser of others but I noticed he would bite demure girls and when he’s antagonised or tired… The poor girls… =( We will discipline him by bringing him to a corner for a time out. Not sure whether this method is working…

Oh Alex has such a shrilling scream. He would scream when he doesn’t get what he wants. Gone are the days where I just need to call his name out in full and he will stop whatever naughty things he was doing. =( We can only tell him sternly that it’s not a good behaviour and withdraw him for a timeout if he continues…



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