KL road trip

We drove up to KL last week for a 3D2N short stay. Hb always wanted to drive up to Malaysia and we have tried to organise many, many trips to Malacca, but somehow Alex always fall sick during those times, and most recently, hb tore some muscle in his knee. So we are glad that we have made it this time!

Though we have a GPS, we got terribly lost on our way in and out of Malaysia. We entered M’sia through the causeway link, gotten lost and somehow entered the North South highway near Tuas… -_-  It took us nearly 1h to get out of Johor and more than 6h to get to our destination. I had a serious case of ants in the pants! Our Alex was a  darling during the drives. He took long naps and wasn’t cranky at all. =) The only time he was being a brat coz he saw his favourite toy, Thomas the train in the malls and he wouldn’t let us go away whenever he saw one. It doesn’t help that my hb likes the toys and bought Alex (or maybe himself) a big train set. -_-

Here’s our itinerary


  • Lunch: Local coffee shop fare
  • Shopping at 1-utama
  • Dinner at TGIF: The portions were so big that we should have ordered half of what we ordered.


  • Ikea- haha, I know. Why would we go Ikea in Malaysia? The layout is very similar to the layout at Ikea Tampines.
  • Lunch: super fatty n delicious charsiew and roast duck. It was the charsiew that did me in and I gained weight just after this meal!
  • Dinner and shopping at The Gardens @ Mid-Valley shopping mall.


  • Breakfast: Super delicious dimsum at a local joint which seems v popular
  • Lunch and shopping at KLCC.

It was a good trip with good company. We look forward to another trip soon. =)

Alex ah beng

Alex ah beng at a rest stop (which has high chairs and children playground!) waiting for us to serve him his breakfast.

His fashion statement: PJ pants stuffed in socks. Art direction: daddy


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