The sleeping prince

This is the tale of a little prince who took a nap once a day. He always see to the matters of his subjects# throughout the first half of the day with the assistant of a loyal chamber maid butler. He also worked very hard to clear the rubbish, till the ground and plucking fruits*.

All is well till last week, he reached a conclusion that he can forgo the nap even to the loud protest of his loyal butler. So the loyal butler being a loyal person, secretly devised a plan to make the prince rest. She deliberately scheduled a new task for the prince which is to explore unchartered land. The prince has to climb bridges, slide his way down slopes or brace himself with the wintry season^. The butler also read reports and long essays till the prince couldn’t take it anymore… and napped.

The prince has been on his usual nap for 2 days! The butler is rubbing her hand in glee. For she can take a rest too. Muahahahaha.

The prince walking his pet dragon

Alex prince walking his pet dragon

#his toys

*throw his daper, rampage the drawers and pluck out clips from the clothes drying rack

^in the malls


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