Moments in time

The man who was in green, that’s my husband had finally completed his reservist (for the year) yesterday. Hurray for that and we can now have our family life back.

He took Alex to Polliwogs this morning for some father/son bonding time. =) Polliwogs is one of our favourite haunt but we seem to take turn to bring Alex there. Whenever Alex is exploring the place, we get a work out too. Otherwise, the lounge area is pretty relaxing for the adults and they have tonnes of high chairs. Definitely a parent and kiddoes friendly place.We also like the place coz it’s spacious with variety of setups and it’s suitable for walkers like Alex. There are older kids around hence parental supervision is still required. He loves the ball pit, the slides, collecting foam balls in pail, ball gun and a new obstacle today!

If there’s one thing about Alex, he’s a cautious boy. He doesn’t like to fall and he will test obstacles out a few times before trying. Hb shared with me that Alex has conquered his fear of the hanging bridge. He was holding on to the side and enjoying the sensation as other kids rocked the bridge. I think Alex is even more brave than I am! I feel so proud of my boy that he has overcome a small fear in his life and *sniff* he is growing up day by day. =)

Alex in the ball pit

The Polliwogs
1020 East Coast Parkway, #01-02,
Singapore 449878
Tel: 6442 2805

Playground hours:
Weekdays 10am – 7pm
Weekends 10am – 8pm


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