Driven up the wall and down in the dumps

Alex has not been taking his regular naps since Sun. He at most slept during a car ride, none yesterday and 15mins at most for today. I think this happened coz his nap time was disrupted on a day where we ran errands and left him with the grandparents.

He’s hyper when he’s tired and his antics really bothers me. To see him so tired, eyes glazed n not vocal even though he would still continue playing also saddens me. I put him to bed at 7:30pm tonight and he has woken up 3X so far coz I’m not sleeping beside him. I am dealing these by myself coz hb is in reservist but TG that there’s home-cooked dinner and support/advice given by friends. Not to mention I am tired.

So from tomorrow onwards, I will kick start a routine to make sure he will resume his regular nap, otherwise I will lose my sanity and wits. If this routine doesn’t work after a week and push comes to shove, I will use the cry-it-out method. *determined*


  • Breakfast
  • Gym time
  • Bath
  • Play
  • Lunch
  • Wind down time (reading)
  • Nap

Maybe I will start him on some lifeskills training, i.e. doing housechores and also to tired him out?!

Alex doing housechores


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