Milk talk

For the past few months, I have been trying various type of milk on Alex. For the first few days, he drank the formula milk we gave him, then he rejected the formula milk. I tried with fresh milk but to no avail. It went to the point that the moment he saw any white liquid, he pushed the cup away. I don’t blame him with the formula milk, coz I think it taste too sweet. Breastfed babies tend not to like overly-sweet food. As I was doing some research on fresh milk drinking for toddlers, I read that the European formula milk isn’t as sweet as the ones sold here. Hmmm. If you read the labels on the formula milk here, there could be ingredients such as cotton seed oil, palm oil and corn syrup. I can only guess why a baby/toddler’s food source has such ingredients, like economic/commercial reasons.

Anyhow, it took me another 2 months to slowly introduce fresh milk back into his diet. I sneaked fresh milk in with fruits and baby cereal in his breakfast and he was alright with it. Possibly coz it wasn’t white colour? 😉

So far he accepted these:

  • Meiji milk
  • Marigold fresh milk
  • Organic Valley fresh/UHT milk
  • True Organic UHT milk

Recently I also started him on the fresh/UHT milk for his afternoon drink whenever I am out. He doesn’t drink much at 100-120ml, but it’s a good start.

Alex drinking


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