You know something is amiss when your child is oh-so-very quiet. Here’s what I found one morning. Alex pulled the same stunt at the public library and now his little library at home.

Alex caught red handed

I let him went on to make a mess, and kept the books when he’s asleep. However when he tried to pull the same stunt again later and despite me telling him many times “No”s, the cheeky boy still went against me and continued gleefully. Finally I had to put a stop to it. I carried him aside, stooped down to his eye level and told him sternly (in Mandarin) that “Mummy has already told you not to make a mess, so mummy has to take you away. Don’t ruin your books. Be a good boy”. He actually looked guilty and knew that it was the consequence of his actions. He never make a mess again, unless I am with him and I allow him to pick some books. 🙂


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