Play date

Having playdate is a must for SAHMs. Yes, it’s for the kids but IMO, it’s essential for SAHMs to keep sane. I was blessed to be invited to a wade pool play date for the kiddoes. The icing on top of the cake was that I was having a pedicure done by a professional while Alex is playing in the pool with the other moms  looking out for him. I could do this again and again. 😀

Here are the kiddoes at play. From the 2nd picture, Emmanuel, Mireille and Ethan who will all be making their guest appearance in this blog quite often. 😉



4 responses to “Play date

  1. wow… this reminds me of… THE POOL I HAVE! which is actually nicely pack into the box pack in my storeroom! Maybe… its time to find a chance to do a playgroup with potluck~~

  2. I did a good job in taking the photos! hhahaa..

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