Fang marks

Alex leaves fang marks whenever he goes. When another kid is in his way (for toys), he will bite them and quite hard too. MIL said hb used to bite his classmates when he was in kindie, so maybe the biting is in the genetics. I feel so bad for the other kiddos and have to apologise whenever Alex does so.

Through an article in babycenter, I think I know why Alex bites which is either out of frustration or the fact that he’s teething. No. 9. 10 & 11 teeth have popped out and it must be so itchy for him. I will have to watch him more closely when he’s with other babies. Should he still bite others, I will have to reprimand him and exclude him from the activity. He has to understand that he can’t bite other people.

Alex going for baby Mireille’s butt!

Alex bites


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