Kung fu Alex

My time was spent on attending to family matters this week. While I was away, Alex was taken care by my MIL. The little bugger rejected any white liquid served to him. He would rather sleep without any form of milk! He’s still on total breastfeeding and I am dying to make him go on partial but haven’t been successful. That’s another story…

So there’s one night I returned home close to 1am and Alex was sleeping, and I watched him sleep on. I was amazed by how angelic he looked in his sleep. Such thoughts are common but it never failed to amaze me with this bundle of blessing.

Then he tossed and turned which amused me to no end. I took some photos and asked hb to take a look. “One day I am going to blackmail him with this photo.”, I said.

Kungfu Alex demonstrating a praying mantis stroke. ;D

Alex Kungfu


2 responses to “Kung fu Alex

  1. Hahaha!! Love this pic!

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