Books recommendation

In one of my last post of “Alex says ‘mao’“, Alex loves this animal book that I borrowed from the library. I have returned it since and will borrow it for him again if I come across it.

There are two titles which I borrowed, on transportation and animals. I love how mind invoking the books are for kids.  As the kid first turned a page, a cryptic picture came to view. Only when the page  with a cut out is turned, the kid can tell what the picture really is. There is also a breadcrumb trail of which animal has been shown, and this could be used to test the kid’s memory. The parent read the accompanying text to allow the kid to make a guess. Alex is still young to appreciate the text. For now he could just enjoy the vibrant colours and the “magic” the book created for him. Hope the books make his imagination soar to a newer height. 🙂



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