Party pooper

My dear boy is having a throat infection. It took 4 adults to bring him to see the GP near our place. I first went to the clinic to get a queue ticket. Hb rushed back from work to meet us at the clinic.Then Alex was brought over later by his worried grandparents.

His fever was as high as 39.38c this evening and we decided to let him see a GP for a diagnosis and also as a preventive measurement in the case his fever went up later in the night and no doctor will be opened.

Being sick is no fun and it’s really a party pooper. We had a series of exciting things lined up this weekend, like the neighbour’s boy’s birthday party, alex’s great-grandma’s birthday celebration, steamboat and BBQ… It is such a shame to give all these a miss but it’s even more important for him to get well.


2 responses to “Party pooper

  1. Oh dear. Hope Alex get well soon. Take care!

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