Breakdown of a sahm’s day

Here’s the breakdown of how today went and which is wearing me down. Been trying to set Alex’s sleep timings this week with little success, then he fell sick yesterday which makes him sticky and cranky. I wonder am I doing this right and how long can I sustain?

Here’s the breakdown (before I breakdown)

  • My sleep: 8hrs (interrupted sleep)
  • Trying to make him sleep: 6hrs
  • Playing/reading to him: 2.5hrs
  • Feeding him: 2hrs
  • Light housechores: 1hr
  • Marketing: 1hr
  • Cooking his meals: 40mins

Total: 21hrs and 10mins

My sleep and sanity is my prerogative now too. Good night.


2 responses to “Breakdown of a sahm’s day

  1. wow… Up to now I think my SAHM timetable is in a huge mess… I tried to read/play with Isaac but didnt keep track of the timing. Thanks to the hot & humid weather, I felt its a killer to do housework!

    • Yah, it’s so hot these days. Alex was sick last week and it made me so tired. I didn’t do any cleaning and waited until the weekend to do it together with hb.

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