Red porridge

I made these red porridge over the weekend and while I was feeding Alex in the church nursery, not one, not two but three people told me how good the food smells! 😀 My little fussy eater had also finished the porridge in a shorter time than usual. So I’m a happy camper who will now go on to share the recipe. 🙂 It’s very easy to cook too!

Red porridge


  • Organic brown rice (I use Thai Elephant brand)
  • Half a stick of carrot
  • 1 organic beetroot
  • 1 organic sweet potato (purple skin)
  • 2 kampong chicken drumstick, bone, skin n fat removed


  1. Use stock to cook 1 serving of brown rice.
  2. Cut up vegies in chunks
  3. Steam vegies and chicken for 15-20mins
  4. Puree the vegies and chicken
  5. Serve 1 portion of vegies and chicken porridge with porridge
  6. Portioned and glass-bottled the remaining puree and chuck into the freezer.

The recipe yielded about 7-8 servings of red puree. Just thaw, warm up and serve over freshly cooked porridge.

Let me know if you try this recipe!


5 responses to “Red porridge

  1. hmm it looks really really very red…

  2. hee hee i thought u adjusted the colour of the photo :p
    life…same lor… busier…
    eh toddlers sleep 13-14 hours per day…really? wah… good life…

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