New stroller

We bought our first ever stroller for the kiddo! The one we were using was a hand-me-down from a friend. Recently I found out the lock mode of the stroller was faulty and there was no difference compare to the release mode. It’s a shame, although it’s old and a well used stroller, but it’s quite easy to use and the stroller has even went overseas with us last year to Bangkok.

Alex happy with his stroller

For safety’s sake, we have to get another stroller. Just then I found out that Tom and Stephanie is having an offer on a Maclaren Day Tripper for $99 and we bought it in no time.  This stroller is light at 3.8kg and easy to open and close it with one hand operation. It is compact as well which is great coz it won’t take up extra space. Hb is happy with the buy. Well, so is Alex, as you can tell. He better be, coz he will be using this for a long time to come. 🙂

Alex in his stroller


4 responses to “New stroller

  1. We bought this Day Tripper before we went Japan. Really no regrets. Love it to bits, easy to handle and manoeuvre.

    But only thing to note is not to put too many heavy things at the handle as it can topple easily.

    Hope Alex likes it 🙂

  2. My hubby also likes it very much cos the handles are tall enough for him to push easily. Those asian brands, their handles are too low for tall guys.

    • oh that is awesome. we are average height so we don’t have the problem with the handles.

      this stroller is very easy to use. one slight glitch, there’s no rain cover n soon we will have to purchase it separately.

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