Milestones update- 14mo

Sometimes I wish that I can be more meticulous with recording of Alex’s new milestones, but I don’t have the time. I rather spend it on sleeping or reading. Hur hur. As a mom, it thrills me to observe that my dear boy has learned something new. I don’t teach him much and we mostly played together with him indicating whatever he fancy.


  • Finger feeds- Yes
  • Toddles well- Not walking on his own yet.
  • Uses spoon or fork- In the process of starting him on self feeding.
  • Empties containers of contents- Yes, oh yes!
  • Initiates games- Yes
  • Matches lids with appropriate containers (e.g. pots and pans)- No opportunity to do so
  • Imitates others- No
  • Points to one body part when asked- Yes
  • Pushes and pulls toys while walking- Yes

New tricks

  • “Speaking” on the phone with his grandma
  • He can say “up” and point his finger upwards
  • He points at a picture of cat in a book and says “猫”
  • He has overcame his fear of ball pit
  • He can come down from the sofa by himself safely when I tell him “屁股”. Haha…


  • Fave show: Hi-5


  • He absoutely hates losing his balance which explains why he is still not walking on his own yet. He will let out a yelp of complaint when he does so which I am half amused.

Alex in his oakleys


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