All well again

Alex yearning to go outAlex looking out of our balcony. He yearns to go out. Maybe tomorrow, son.

His roseola (a.k.a fake measles) has just cleared today. He had a viral fever from last Thursday which finally subsided on Tuesday and that’s when the rashes appeared. He didn’t look discomfort in anyway and was being active as usual. I checked around whether he need any medication for it and the general consensus is not necessary.

The rashes were the least of my problem. His temperature was high and we had to take his temperature regularly to alternate feeding him with paracetamol or nurofen. I am still not quite recovered from the bouts of interrupted sleep. Age has indeed caught up with me.

Here’s a picture of how bad his rashes were.

Alex with roseola


6 responses to “All well again

  1. hihi !

    glad to see that alex is better!
    take care and see you soon!

    oh ya, nice blog too!!!

  2. Cute Alex.. Get recover quickly then can go out and play!

  3. Heh heh ya! But he longs to go out and play. So I thought you are confining him cos you are still a bit worry…

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